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Melanoma Know More strives to reduce the impact of melanoma through awareness, education, support of medical research, and assistance to persons affected by melanoma.



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"In January 2014, I saw on a local newscast that Melanoma Know More was performing a skin cancer screenings. I was screened by one of their volunteer Dermatologists and was told I had a couple of suspect growths. About 2 weeks later, I was examined by my Dermatologist and had a biopsy taken, which resulted in melanoma located on my upper back. This was my second experience with melanoma and it was successfully removed.

The service Melanoma Know More provides is something everyone should consider if they have never been screened. I am very grateful for their service."

Larry W.

Melaknowma Know More

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We are thrilled to announce the availability of an exciting unpaid internship position that can help support our small staff with special events, programming and fundraising efforts. We are seeking a candidate who is a highly motivated, quick learner that is passionate about helping others in our community. Click here to apply...