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Melanoma Know More strives to reduce the impact of melanoma through awareness, education, support of medical research, and assistance to persons affected by melanoma.



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Melanoma Know More - Education, Awareness, Prevention

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Melanoma Warriors: Join the Greater Cincinnati Melanoma Warrior Support Network

When faced with a diagnosis of melanoma, it’s important to have emotional support. That’s why Melanoma Know More has created a local support network to connect melanoma “warriors” in Greater Cincinnati with others going through similar experiences to help them support and inspire each other at every stage of their journey. Learn More

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No Tanning Promise

Spring is in the Air! Make sure you're safe this season by signing Melanoma Know More's No Tanning Promise, it may save your life! Sign Here...

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School & Youth Education

Melanoma Know More provides educational programming in local area schools to raise awareness about the importance of sun safety. Get your school involved!