Meet Larry

Larry W.
Stage 1-2 Melanoma Warrior

Larry Waters





My melanoma story begins in the mid 1960s. My summers consisted of outside activities, never wearing a shirt or applying any kind of sun protection to my skin. Multiple sunburns then resulted in skin cancer 40 years later.

After having been diagnosed and cured (surgically removed from my upper back) of Stage 2 melanoma in November 2008, my awareness and vigilance increased. In January 2014, I saw on a local newscast that Melanoma Know More was performing skin cancer screenings at Bethesda North Medical Center outside of Cincinnati. I was screened by one of their volunteer Dermatologists and was told I had a couple of suspect growths. About 2 weeks later, I was examined by my Dermatologist and had a biopsy taken, which resulted in another melanoma, again located on my upper back (opposite side). As before, this cancer was successfully removed. I encourage everyone to take time out of their lives to be screened, and when outside, apply sunscreen and cover open skin as appropriate.

The service Melanoma Know More provides is something everyone should consider if they have never been screened. I am very grateful for their service.