Meet Arch

Arch C.
Stage 4 Melanoma Warrior


I was diagnosed on 7-24-12, and then had surgery in August.  It was stage 4 ulcerated melanoma with no involvement in my lymph system. I was treated with interferon (Sylatron) for a year starting 9-14-2012 and lasting till 9-9-2013.

Throughout this ordeal I received so much support from family, friends, church, doctors and even the government. I know it sounds crazy, but I was truly blessed throughout my year of interferon treatments.

So, I want to find a way to bless all that have blessed me. I think I can do that best by joining and fundraising for Melanoma Know More (MKM). MKM’s free monthly skin screenings can catch cancer early and save people and their loved ones from going through what my family went through, or worse.

Prior to my diagnosis, I was an avid cyclist and hiker. During that year of cancer treatment, all I did was search the web for backpacking tips, biking tips and the like. I followed my friend’s blog during his 6 month Appalachian Trail journey. I couldn’t wait until I was well enough to be out cycling and hiking again.

While browsing the web, I came across info on the Buckeye Trial, describing the 1444 mi trail throughout Ohio. I think these backroads, hiking trails, bike paths and canal tow paths, would be good for a bike, hike, canoe trip fundraiser for MKM’s Team Melanoma Know More.

As a result, on April 6, 2014, I started my adventure along the Buckeye Trail and committed to raising funds to support the mission of Melanoma Know More!  Please visit my blog, Buckeye Trail for Melanoma Know More to learn more about my experience!

Donations in support of this fundraiser can best be sent directly to Melanoma Know More, by clicking here.