Melanoma Know More (MKM) is approaching its 14th year of striving for a world free from the threat of melanoma. We are committed to educating the people of Greater Cincinnati about the devastating impact of melanoma.

Melanoma is currently the fastest growing form of cancer. It is the most aggressive and potentially life-threatening type of skin cancer. The incidence of melanoma is increasing at an alarming rate. Currently, 1 in 53 people will have an invasive melanoma, and this is expected to increase to 1 in 50 over the next year. While only 5% of all skin cancers are melanoma, approximately 71% of all skin cancer-related deaths are due to melanoma. It is the most common cancer in young adults aged 25-29 years. Anyone, regardless of skin color, can develop melanoma.

As a result of the current COVID-19 situation in our country and beyond, we had to make the challenging decision to halt nearly all in-person events and programming efforts since March. This included our monthly skin cancer screening clinicseducational outreach in schools and businesses as well as most community and corporate outreach activities. In early November, we were finally able to slowly restart our screening clinics and hope to be able to get this program going on a more frequent basis. We typically screen over 900 patients annually and refer over 250 people for various reasons. This year, we have screened 160 patients and referred 44 patients for further evaluation. We had the opportunity to distribute materials and sunscreen to a few community events prior the COVID. This included our continual partnership with 3CDC and their Workout on the Green at Washington Park and Ziegler Park. Unfortunately, we were unable to provide substantial in-person outreach at schools our area businesses; however, we have created a platform on our website for schools, community organizations and area businesses to access educational information. We continue to support research efforts at the University of Cincinnati and intend to award Dr. Zalfa Abdel-Malek and her team with a $10,000 research award. We also continue to promote the Greater Cincinnati Melanoma Warriors Support Network with the purpose to connect patients and their families with one another with a goal of rolling out a more robust patient support initiative. We have created a Melanoma Warrior Newly Diagnosed Bag that includes information and materials that will help newly diagnosed patients navigate their diagnoses. These have been generously put together by wonderful volunteers and will be distributed to a local area surgeon for initial distribution until it is launched on a larger scale.

We had to table nearly all of our fundraising efforts due to COVID, but we were able to facilitate our first ever “virtual” Moving Against Melanoma Walk. We were thrilled that over 100 people participated on their own time and raised over $22,000! We also continue to receive support from generous individuals who have continued to contribute in the form of individual donations, corporate support, estate planning, memorial contributions and stock donations.

Although 2020 has been a challenge for our country and community, we are proud of our current 2020 successes and want to move towards 2021 in a strong position even it it means navigating a new environment. Melanoma remains vigilant and we cannot let our guard down despite the current challenges. It is urgent that we continue to reach those who may not know the risks of melanoma and to support those with a melanoma diagnosis. We remain passionate about making a difference by:

  • Providing free skin cancer screening clinics in collaboration with area hospitals and dermatology practices
  • Supporting patients through the Greater Cincinnati Melanoma Warriors Support Network and distributing “Newly Diagnosed Bags” to patients
  • Awarding our annual medical research gift
  • Providing virtual educational and community outreach
  • Distributing sunscreen stations to the community to ensure that individuals stay sun safe

We can only accomplish these goals with your help. Please support Melanoma Know More with an annual gift today.

Every contribution is meaningful. Give generously so Melanoma Know More can give the citizens of our community a fighting chance against the world’s fasting growing form of cancer.




Leanne Marie Blair
Executive Director

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